PPIC Technical Program

The PPIC technical program is developed over the course of a 2 year period by dedicated members of the IAS Pulp & Paper Industry Technical Committee. The objective of the Technical Committee is “To advance the theory and practice in the electrical field as related to the design and management of electrical systems within the pulp and paper products industry”. Our committee is comprised of five subcommittees, each with domain expertise in specific industry applications.


Our subcommittees include:  PPIC Subcommittees and their Scope (Click Here)

The subcommittees meet twice a year, including a working session during our annual conference. During the meetings held on Tuesday afternoon, we discuss new ideas for technical papers for future conferences. Our subcommittee meetings are open to all and all conference attendees are invited to participate as guests during these sessions.

2022 Technical Papers, Technical Panels, and Tutorials

Technical Papers (For Schedule and Print pdf Click Here)

  1. Every Step You Take: Optimizing DC Machine Selection  (Mon pm) —  Abstract
  2. SCR DI/DT Failure Mode in Soft Starters Re-Examined: Controlled Experiments And Simulation  (Wed am) —  Abstract
  3. Different Types of Shaft Bonding and Their Effectiveness  (Tues am) —  Abstract
  4. Aged DC Adjustable Speed Drive System – Upgrade or Convert to AC System  (Wed am) —  Abstract
  5. IEC vs NEMA-UL MV MCC: Which One Should You Use? Does It Matter?  (Tues am) —  Abstract
  6. Cost Benefit Analysis of Arc Mitigation Technologies (Mon am) —  Abstract
  7. Industry 4.0 Lexicon – Creating a Standard Terminology  (Wed pm) —  Abstract
  8. Motor Control – Examined, Categorized, and Optimized (Mon pm) —  Abstract
  9. Bleach Plant Pumping System Optimization (Mon am) —  Abstract
  10. A Practical Application of IEEE 1584:2018  (Wed am) —  Abstract
  11. Safety Lockout on AC and DC Drives for Paper Mills  (Mon pm) —  Abstract
  12. A History of Papermaking Around Niagara Falls (Mon am)  —  Abstract 
  13. Integral Earthing Within Medium Voltage Motor Control Centers Adds New Levels Of Safety  (Wed am) —  Abstract
  14. Medium Voltage Circuit Breakers And Contactors Are Not The Same – Neither Are Their Protection Methods  (Tues am) —  Abstract
  15. Human Performance In Workplace Electrical Safety (Tues am) —  Abstract
  16. A Major Corporation’s Commitment to Protect Electrical Assets And The Development of IEEE P2969 Continuous Thermal Monitoring Standard  (Wed am) —  Abstract
  17. IEC 61850-Based Advanced Bus Transfer Scheme for Industrial Substations  (Mon am) —  Abstract
  18. Using IEEE 1584:2018 to Evaluate Recommendations in NFPA 70E Table 130.7.C(15)(a)  (Mon am)  —
  19. Troubleshooting: The Acceptable Energized Work  (Mon pm)  —
  20. Developing an Effective Electrical Maintenance Strategy  (Tues am)  —
  21. Reconditioned LV Circuit Breakers:  Are They Really Safe?  (Tues am)  —   Abstract
  22. Blowing the Rust Off Motor Storage Practices  (Tues am)  —
  23. Avoiding Switching Transients in MV Transformers  (Wed am)  —

2022 Technical Panels

PNL A.  How (and Why) to Format IEEE Technical Papers

PNL B.  Updates to IEEE 841:2021

PNL C.  IEEE 1584:2018 – What Do We Do Now?


See Tutorials page

The Conference Technical Program provides paper industry engineers and maintenance professionals valuable knowledge that can be applied to daily mill responsibilities.

Conference participants will:

  • Learn about changes in electrical engineering, maintenance and safety practices, standards and codes.
  • Experience equipment upgrades in other plants, hear about the projects that worked and the ones that didn’t.
  • Acquire skills in generator and motor protection, determining relay settings and troubleshooting failures.
  • Discover how to justify electrical upgrades with an emphasis on efficiency, reliability and safety.
  • Network with other attendees that are extremely knowledgeable and actively working every day in the industry to make industry facilities, safer and more competitive.
  • And that’s just the beginning.

Follow this link to view the agenda for the conference

Comments from Previous Attendees

“The majority of the papers presented in the technical sessions, as well as the tutorials, are down to earth with very practical experience and procedures that an attendee can bring back to the facility and immediately implement.”

Bob Jordan, Weyerhaeuser

“Without a doubt this is the premier technical conference for electrical engineers in the Pulp & Paper industry. The technical papers are excellent and right on target for day to day electrical engineering challenges in the mill. Once you attend one of the annual conferences, you will want to come back year after year!”

Martin Troy, PE, Mill Electrical Engineer, Madison Paper Industries, Madison, ME

Young Engineer Testimonial: “As a first time attendee I was very impressed by the papers and how much I learned from them. Everything was set up very well from the first time attendees, facilities were nice. I look forward to attending next years conference. I had a great experience in Milwaukee, getting exposed to the technical papers and professionals within the field! The hotel was great, and the vendor hospitality was much appreciated!  Excellent technical conference. This conference is always on my “Definitely Attend” list. Great opportunity to network with industry professionals.

I was pleased to be accepted as a Young Engineer this year at the IEEE conference and that was probably the only reason I was able to attend the conference this year. I look forward being able to attend future years as the conference exceeded my expectations I’m more likely to pursue attendance next year.”