It is our pleasure to invite you to Charleston, WV the location of the 69th annual Pulp and Paper Indus­tries Technical Confer­ence, June 9th through 13th, 2024.  Each year, this conference attracts some of the most influential and forward-think­ing professionals from the electrical community of the Pulp and Paper Industries.

Vendor participation is critical to the conference’s success. There are a variety of opportunities to raise awareness and engage with attendees this year.

Booth space, sponsorships and presentations are limited and will be allocated based upon date & time of receipt of funds. 


Early Bird Rate

(expires May 10th)

10′ x 8′ Booth Includes
Pipe & Drape
6′ Draped Table
2 Chairs

Vendor Networking Reception
(Monday Evening)

NOTE: Booth Staff Must REGISTER Separately

2024 Vendor Showcase

Sponsors will be recognized with signage at sponsored event.

Sponsors with a cumulative spend over $1,000+ will be featured on website.

Welcome Reception (Sunday Evening) $5,000 (single sponsor)
$2,500 each (co-sponsor)
Awards Luncheon (Wednesday) $3,000
Social Event (Wednesday) $5,000 (single sponsor)
$2,500 each (co-sponsor)
Social Event Transportation (Wednesday) $1,000
Lunches (2 Available) $2,500 each
Session Breaks (6 Available) $500 each
Tutorial Lunch (Thursday) $1,500
Tutorial Breaks (2 Available) $500 each

(formerly New Product Presentation–NPP)

What We Offer Presentation

Similar to previous conferences, participating vendors will be allotted 10 minutes to present their unique product or offering to attendees. Limited number of slots available. No questions or audience participation allowed. Presentations will be assigned time slots as availability allows and published on event schedule.