Scope of Operating Subcommittee

All Subcommittees shall be guided broadly by the scope of the Pulp and Paper Industry Committee as follows:

The treatment of all matters within the scope of the IAS in which the emphasis or dominant factor specifically relates to the manufacture and fabrication of forest products.

Process Control, Engineering, Maintenance, Construction Subcommittee (PCEMC)

General activity in the organization and administration of process control, engineering, maintenance and construction practices in the industry.

Power Distribution Systems Subcommittee (PDS)

General activities in the field of distribution of electrical power within pulp and paper mills and associated facilities.

Drives and Controls Subcommittee (DCS)

General activities in the field of adjustable and constant speed drives, electric motors and other various motor control systems within the industry.

Safety and Training Subcommittee (S&T)

General activities in the field of safety and training in the Pulp and Paper Industry, and to make the Committee aware of the latest changes in these areas.

Standards Subcommittee (Standards)

Responsible for the development and coordination of the standards projects and the maintenance of the standards after approval by the IEEE-SA Standards Board for standards within the scope of PPIC.